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Public Works


If you are having any issues with your trash service please call 843-464-9583 extension 5.


Trash pick up days


City of Mullins services residents within city limits.  If you are a new resident a cart will be ordered when you activate your water & sewer account with Grand Strand Water & Sewer Authority. Your sanitation charge will be billed with your water bill from Grand Strand.  GSWSA can be reached at 843-765-4539.

Garbage Collection Guidelines:

*  Place containers curbside with proper access for collection the evening BEFORE collection.

*  Cart handle should face the street with the container lid completely closed.

*  Only City of Mullins garbage carts will be serviced.  Private containers not designed to be collected by City of Mullins equipment will not be serviced.

*  Carts requiring repair or replacement due to normal wear and tear will be available at no extra charge.

*  Lost or stolen containers will be replaced for a one-time $65.00 fee.  Contact City of Mullins Customer Service to request a cart or make a report following the City's website homepage links.

*  Garbage bags/items outside of collection cans will not be serviced.

*  Additional collection carts are available at a monthly cost of $26.42.

Yard/Green Waste Collection Guidelines:

*  Green waste includes grass clippings, leaves, and branches.

*  Green waste should be separated into two piles:

     *  PILE 1:  Loose material like leaves and grass (in bags)

     *  PILE 2:  Woody waste like limbs and branches


*  Block sidewalks, drainage grates, or ditches

*  Place green waste near items that may be damaged and/or prevent collection such as vehicles, fences, mailboxes, telephone poles, low hanging trees, or power lines

*  Mix with household trash, construction, and demolition material

Bulk Waste Includes:

*  Mattresses and box springs

*  Furniture

*  Appliances (please remove doors)

*  Plastic playsets, plastic houses, trampolines (please disassemble)

*  Lawnmowers (please remove all fluids and/or oils)

*  BBQ Grill (remove tanks)

Special Preparation:

*  Needles/sharps (place in a rigid container and tape shut)

*  Paint (mix with sand, saw dust or kitty litter and leave the lid off)

*  Carpet and Vinyl Flooring (cut into 5 foot seconds, rolled, and tied)

Prohibited Material:

The following items will NOT be collected:

*  Construction and demolition debris including concrete, brick, block, wood, asphalt, gypsum, drywall, salvaged building components, window, etc.

*  Ammunition and explosives

*  Car/Marine Parts

*  Tanks (propane, fuel)

*  Lead acid batteries

*  Radioactive items

*  Bio-medical waste

*  Cooking, heater, kerosene oils

*  Automotive/Marine Fuels/Small Engine liquids, oils, fuels and/or filters

*  Electronics (TVs, computers, gaming systems, cellular devices)

*  Tires

Have more trash to get rid of?  City of Mullins and Marion County provides Residential Waste and Recycling Centers which are located throughout the county to provide convenient self-disposal drop off stations for residents.

Marion County Recycle Center                                  Marion County Landfill

2631 Senator Gasque Road                                      Red Bluff Court

Persons with disabilities must complete a "Special Service Form" filled out and signed by their physician to be approved for special service collection.  Please contact City of Mullins for more information.

Holiday Schedule:

Collection will occur on the next day following the holiday depending on the day of the week that the holiday occurs.  For example, if a holiday falls on a Monday collection will occur on Tuesday.  If a holiday occurs on the weekend collection schedule will not be affected.

City of Mullins observes the following holidays:

* New Years Day

* Martin Luther King Jr. Day

* Memorial Day

* Independence Day

* Labor Day

* Thanksgiving Day

* Christmas Day


Public Works

Tarus Gilchrist, Public Works Director

Tarus Gilchrist

Street & Sanitation Director