The Mullins Police Department always wants to keep the door of transparency open and therefore when we were asked to provide detailed information for the last year worth of traffic stops we readily did so. We decided not only to provide it to the individual that requested but to anyone that was interested. This information was taken from 09-01-2019 To 09-18-2020 and was broken down as requested; Location, Race, Sex, Warning Ticket, Citation, and Officer. We also included demographics of the City as well as the breakdown of the Disposition after being presented to the courts. When looking at the numbers it will show that more stops were conducted in areas that we have a higher number of violent calls and more citizen complaints. Our lower numbers indicate areas of very little to no violent crimes or complaints. Please, go to the Mullins Web page to see the complete reports. We are always here to help and provide whatever services we can to the entire community. #Mullinsstrong #mullinsunited

Section 1: warning tickets

Section 2: utt by zones

Section 3: utt by sex race

Section 4: dispositions

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