• Population in the City of Mullins: 5,029
  • Population in Marion County: 35,466
  • Median Age: 32 years old
    7.4% under 5 yrs.
    23.8% ages 5-17 yrs.
    56.3% ages 18-64 yrs.
    12.5% ages 65 & over
  • Average High/Low Temperatures:
    January 56°F  33°F
    February 59°F  35°F
    March 67°F  42°F
    April 77°F  50°F
    May 84°F  59°F
    June 89°F  66°F
    July 92°F  70°F
    August 91°F  69°F
    September 85°F  64°F
    October 76°F  50°F
    November 67°F  41°F
    December 59°F  35°F
  • Located in Marion County, South Carolina
  • 9 miles east of the county seat
  • Planning District: Pee Dee
  • One hour from the Myrtle Beach Area